Light You Up

2014. 9 - 2014. 12

As an in-class project of the course Wearables, Light You Up Scarf is inspired by the 'Umbrella Movement', the large-scale democratic movement in Hong Kong. The scarf is designed to light up the LEDs with umbrella figure cover on the fabric when hand touch. The project implies the importance of participation and union in the society for justice and democracy. This project is collaboration project output with Pui-Yee Leung and Gloria Choi from Creative Media Dept., City University of Hong Kong.

Artistic Statement

We grab other’s hands for reasons – The sense of Connection, the bond. Our design concept is inspired from the demonstration of Hong Kong pro-democracy. In a crisis, citizens are united to fight for universal suffrage and against the decision from Beijing. We really appreciate the united spirit of protesters that has inspired us to make an artwork. This is also seen as Individuals are living more alienated to each other these days with all the technologies, we would like to emphasise the concept of connection, transforming pieces that were normally used individually connected by effecting each other by human touches.

Concept Ideation

We explored several design sketches to present our concept.

Idea 1 - Yellow Occupied Puzzle Clothes

At the beginning, we designed a huge clothes combined by many small individuals. Each of small individuals has blinking LEDs on their yellow clothes.

Idea 2 - Longitudinal Clothes with Hong Kong’s Skyline

We also had designed another kind of “connection” styled wearables. The wears can hang to each other to complete the whole circuit to light up those famous skyscrapers of Hong Kong.

Idea 3 - The Scarf of Connection

Finally, We made a decision: Making a pair of “connective” scarf with LED animation. When the wearer use the glove (scarf) to grab another’s hand, the touch sensor attached on the glove can detect the grabbing and light up the LEDs. 
We want to use the semi-translucent plastic to make those patterns for penetrating the light source of LEDs. However, the color of yellow semi-translucent color does not have a really good appearance because of the strong contrast with another color matching. Thus, we changed the main color of our project to blue, more fresh and comfortable look.


In our design, we applied the technology of laser cutting to make some plastic pattern for the scarves. The patterns are some semi-transparent plastic bought from Shum Sui Po cloth market. We also bought touch senor and extra 12 NeoPixels from Adafruit.

Physical Computing
Laser cutting
The file of laser cutting (A4 size)
After the process of laser cutting, we sewed the patterns and gloves to the scarf
Connecting the circuit with lilyPads, soldering the wires and applying the coding


Through the project, I could understand design as a process of expression of one's participation in democracy and public opinion.