Remembar - Interactive Bar Scheduler

2013. 9 - 2013. 12

Remembar is an interactive bar scheduler utilising interaction with post-its. Even though there are numerous scheduler apps in these days, most people still fond of post-its because the composition of the physical feelings post-its give makes much stronger effect for memorizing for longer period. Remembar project's ultimate goal was to improve the memory technologically and at the same time to keep the feeling of attaching and detaching post-its.


Despite of numerous mobile scheduler applications available, people still use Post-its for simple notes.



The concept of utilising post-its with technology was based on our personal experiences. We were both great fans of using post-its while working on the desk. With physical movement of writing on post-its, I could affirm what to remember.
 Also, it was noteworthy that some people like us tended to use both mobile productivity applications and post-its, even plus paper notes. The more I repeat thinking about the content, the clearer the memory gets.

Therefore, we thought about a device that can connect the behaviour of writing on post-its to the mobile application. A user can stick a note to the pad-shaped device and the device automatically recognise the note and send the information to the application.



We ideate round and rectangular shapes for the device, however, those shapes were too common for clocks. Therefore, we attempted to develop a concept with a bar shape. The advantage of the bar shape is that the module can be extended with the same other modules to set extra time.

Even though we were aware of that the content of the note is important, we focused on only send the location information since we cannot recognise what the user wrote on the note.


1. Writing post-its

2. Attach the note on the desired hour on the device for the alarm. The light sensor recognise the post-it and send the signal to the mobile application

3. Mobile application would give the alarm on the time


We used Arduino MEGA board as a main board, connecting 6 shift registers, 48 LEDs for indicating 8-hour-based time linearly, and 8 light sensors for the each hour.

At first, we tried soldering on PCB, yet, since this was our first time to solder, we stuck in difficulties with short circuits. Eventually we decided to work on breadboard. I learned a lesson that you should not attempt to achieve too much at once, but gradually develop the prototype.


We implemented technical prototype of Remembar and created a conceptual video. I could attain knowledge about design from my personal experience with collaborator, discussing over the issues and dividing tasks.