Design for Automobiles with Evolutionary Patent Map

Undergrad UX Design Intern
Samsung Value Innovation Program Center
2015. 6 - 2015. 8
In this summer intensive capstone project, I collaborated with students from KAIST to create a evolutionary patent map about connected cars and design appropriate digital accessary. We classify about 7,000 related patents into two visualizations and brainstormed ideas based on the needs found from the map. We made user scenario video and 3D prototype for one selected idea.
Methods & Toolkit
Patent Affinity Analysis, Ideation, Scenarios, Rhino3D

Patent Mapping

Patent Evolution Map with Evolution Mapping System

Samsung has independently developed Evolution Mapping System(EMS) software embedded on the computer with touch-screen. The system has intuitive interface for visualising the patents and can create the network map of selected patents but sorting process is still left as a human task. We read and filtered about 1,700 patents interested in the certain topic, grouped and named them with order of evolution defined by our own.

Concept Design

Product Concept Design

Based on the patent map, we came with the related idea of future Samsung product.
We created a concept video of our concept product, in very fool-hardy manner We also developed 3D version of the concept product and printed but output was not that elaborated so we excluded it in the final presentation.


EMS Algorithm & UI Improvement Proposal

Simultaneously, we also listed several UI design problems and needs in EMS. Our team developed the automation model of the system with professor’s interview.


Concept Ideation for Samsung Product Line

Additionally, a number of ideation sessions for existing product design modification and new product development were also carried during the whole process. In each session, the members presented the ideas from their own interests related with the Samsung’s product line and services.


. Evolutionary Patent Mapping : Connected Cars Concept Product Design and Prototyping EMS UI & Algorithm Improvement
Lead All Saebom Kwon Hyemi Kim, Jaeyong Oh
W1 Software Companies Patent Analysis User Needs and Relevant Product Research Finding EMS UI Problems and Needs
W2 Software Companies Evolutionary Patent Mapping
Outreach : Advanced Automotive Research Center, Seoul Nat'l University
W3 Car Maker Companies Patent Analysis Conducing Concept Idea Based on Evolutionary Map Literature Review for EMS automation Algorithm
W4 Car Maker Companies Evolutionary Patent Mapping
Mid-term Presentation
W5 Composite Patent Map Development User Scenario and Product Configuration 3D Modeling EMS Automation Algorithm Experiment
Outreach : Interview
W6 Concept Scenario Video Making EMS Automation Algorithm Experiment
Final Presentation


Two patent evolutionary maps were created. The final concept video and slides were presented in front of interested people from Samsung, both University professors and students.