What Insights Design Thinking Workshops Can Discover?

SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center
UX Design Intern
2015. 10 - 2016. 4


Throughout the internship, I worked in a great team of designers, design facilitation experts, project managers and five other UX design interns. Design & Co-Innovation team is directly stemmed from the global design team and only located in Germany, US, and Korea.

UX Design Project

Corporate Software UX Consulting

I participated in a two month UX design project, which proposed an improvement on a internal corporate product. The procedure included one day client design thinking workshop, user interviews, visual prototyping process, and a final roadmap presentation. I assisted preparing user interviews and surveys, as well as client team design workshops.


Client Design Thinking Workshops

My main task was to help design thinking (DT) workshops for clients in various fields such as enterprises, public institutions, and educational institutes. Starting as a photographer, I expanded my role in workshops to a table facilitator. We designed each workshop process customized to the participants’ needs and their team culture.

Case Study: Designing Better Team Assignment Strategies

Teamwork skill and accountability is necessary for most of undergraduate students. We performed intensive, one-day co-design workshop with 30 students from a university in Seoul to design better teamwork strategies and supports. Before the workshop, we developed several pre-workshop personas to understand the team dynamics that college students should undergo.

12:00 - 13:30

We paired two students and let them interview each other to create personas to. After the exercise, each team selected two personas that are assigned to be in the same team and created a journey map to configure what are the goals and frustrations of the student characters. We guided students to set as specific situation as possible and go through their moods along an instance.

13:30 - 14:30

Our table team found that there are critical mood change for a hard-worker student and a freeloader student as time gets closer to the end of the semester. Based on the conflict, we set our problem as transparency in monitoring and reporting each student's contribution.

15:00 - 16:00

The students came up with raw idea statements with post-its for two rounds. For facilitating ideas, we provided word cards. After individual ideations, we let the team to check the ideas and gave scores based on one team criterion. The idea that has the most score were selected to be prototyped.

Prototyping & Testing
16:00 - 17:00

The selected idea in our team was notification system in the workroom. As we provided some prototyping kits, the team decided to utilize prototyping toolkit that is developed in SAP Apphaus. Finally, all teams presented their ideas.


The internal software got positive feedback from the employees and they accepted the suggested onboarding process for the next version of the software. Also, we successfully held 10+ design thinking workshops with tech companies, governmental offices, and schools.

Lessons Learned

Participating in the workshops, I learned that design is not only designers’ job. With design thinking method, designers can better facilitate non-designers to come up with their own ideas reflecting their behaviors.