2015. 3 - 2015. 12

I created New literature art group NewMoon as a group leader in order to explore the field of media art that has used literarture creatively. In 2015, we regularly had relevant book and media art discussion in order to get familiar with the theme, conducted Processing workshops and focused on creating art installation Yoonseul, exhibited at the Art & Technology Conference in December, 2015.


In 2015, I created and participated as a team leader of Newmoon, a small creators group exploring the field of new media literature. The team had discussed about the relevant new artworks and created generative poetry installation with the keyword ‘uncertainty’ in Art & Technology Conference 2015.

Discussion over the previous artworks and books

We took several book discussion with the books “Software Takes Command” by Lev Manovich and “Ficciones” by jorge luis borges. Also, after individual study over a particular ponded new media artwork consisting literature, we shared the concept, the visual element, the technology, and the personal feelings and responses on the artworks. Through the discussion, we could find the necessary elements in media art as viewers, and define the direction of our art project.

Practice on Processing

To broaden our team’s perspective on literature, I prepared three workshops about writing on Processing. The first workshop dealt with the basic use of the Processing, media combination for the second, and the last one for practice on RiTa library, which is Processing library generally for text layout and processing.


As writers, we shared our own daily writings with weekly theme.


In the summer 2015, I conducted brainstorming with the team for the artwork exhibition at Art & Technology Conference. Based on our previous study on new media art and other experiences in regard to communication, we came up with the idea of applying water as our display.


The motif of the work is the Poseok-Jeong of the Shilla Dynasty which was the place for the royal family used to open the liquor and appreciate poetry. According to the research, it is said that the width and the depth of the channel, the slope of the wall and the floor are all different so that a cup floating on the water could continuously flow back along the waterway. A such unpredictability must have added the enjoying atmosphere The water that does not know where to go and the words that can not be caught to catch are much like our lives. Still, the water keeps flowing and the story continues to float on the water.


We used existing poetry as our ingredient.


4m x 2m x 2m

The light, water, leap motion sensor connected to PC, a projector, the speaker

The moon give constant light on the wall. There is a link between moon and the pond On the surface of the pond, tweets with the hashtag ‘YoonSeulNewMoon’ appears real-time. If a viewer swipe Leap Motion placed in front of the pond, the saying next to the moon changes.